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              International standard manufacturing
              All hardware accessories are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, so our products are in line with China and international standards

              Selection of high quality steel
              Rails, hinges and other hardware accessories adopt zero spangle hot-dip galvanized steel which be produced by one of the largest steelmaker in the world, German Thyssen Krupp Iron Group CO. Corrosion resistance strong, sturdy and durable, the outward appearance is exquisite.

              Various surface treatments
              Rails, hinges and other hardware accessories surface provides standard zero spangle hot dip galvanized processing, and preferably white electrophoresis, black electrophoresis , white plastic, black plastic box special color plastic spraying.

              Strict process
              All accessories are on the basis of strict technology to process.Have good accuracy and appearance, and ensure the garage door to be quiet, smooth and reliable when the door running.

              Perfect balance system
              Through precise calculation, we provide the most appropriate torsion spring balance system configuration for each set. Therefore, our garage door is always running in the equilibrium state, can effectively prolong the service life of the product.

              Torsion spring protection
              Special garage door torsion spring protection device, prevent the sudden fall caused by torsion spring break

              The side rail anti hand-dive protection
              Villa type fully enclosed design door jamb.Effectively prevent the finger from entering the gap between the guide and wall to ensure the safety.

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